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St. Joe Manor offers skilled nursing care to residents in 100% private rooms with a bathroom, regardless of payor source. The skilled nursing is dedicated to the needs of individuals that have difficulty with activities of daily living, requiring intensive rehabilitation and/or nursing services, hospice care, or even respite care.

Our therapy department can provide physical, occupational and speech-pathology therapy services. These skilled services are provided in accordance with the attending physician and the therapist’s recommendations.

We are dedicated to providing care in a holistic, caring environment that allows for individuals to live to their fullest potential. The staff of St. Joe Manor takes great pride in providing for the highest level of psychosocial wellbeing possible for those who entrust us with their care through the provision of 24-hour nursing care. We focus on supporting the rights and choices of the resident through our caring, committed staff. This is accomplished through comprehensive care development with professional staff, physicians, therapists, and the family. Ultimately, the resident is at the center of our attention.

Hospice care and palliative care are available in our facility to those who choose these services. The staff of St. Joe Manor work with the hospice of your choice to develop a complementary service plan that ensures the comfort of the resident at the end of life.

We also provide respite care to family members that are caring for a loved one, but need to have some supported time away from caring for that individual. We feel that providing care and support to caregivers is an essential step in maintaining quality of life for all involved.



We understand there is a natural fear of losing control over the care of your loved one. Our focus on Resident Rights and choices actually let residents and their family gain even more control.



Hospice Care is available in our facility. Experienced and compassionate staff work with local Hospice companies to provide and coordinate your care with respect and dignity for you and your family.



For those needing 24-hour nursing care on an ongoing basis, while providing a range of physical, speech and occupational therapies. We also provide respite, palliative and hospice care.